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Benefit from the first collaborative workflow management platform that connects your meetings to your projects for a streamlined workflow like never before.

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We live in a meeting-driven world.

Our modern workstyle hinges upon human interaction, collaboration and communication.
We use regular meetings to drive our projects, plan our priorities and decide on next steps with colleagues and clients alike.

Meetings are vital and determine the outcomes of our projects. That is why we built the first collaborative workflow management platform that connects your meetings to your projects, streamlining your project management process and simplifying your workflow.

The result ?

  • Efficient and enjoyable meetings.
  • Proficient follow-ups on meeting action items and accelerated project status updates.
  • Timely delivery of high-quality projects according to schedule.

Automate Your Note Taking and Aggregation

Synchronous note taking and automatic data aggregation help you assemble an effective information database of all your past meeting notes, which are then sorted according to topics and easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our Advanced Search Function helps you ensure you never lose a note ever again.

Automate Your Note Taking
Maintain Oversight

Maintain Oversight and Track Progress

Our oversight functionalities were designed to help you stay in control of your meetings and projects.

Keep track of progress with Project Status View, exercise meeting continuity with Follow-ups and ensure everyone stays up to date with customizable Meeting Reports emblazoned with your personal designs or trademarks.

Advance Your Security

Ensure your data stays protected with our combination of cloud-native security and compliance capabilities.

From granular permissions to SSO/MFA user authentication methods, we safeguard your sensitive information and facilitate a secure storage with first-class data encryption.

Advance your security
Collaborate effortlessly

Collaborate Effortlessly

From collaborating on Agendas to Meeting Notes, collectively driving impact via our platform is a piece of cake.

Create team synergies by safely sharing knowledge with internal and external stakeholders, and leverage Task Assignment to promote transparency and accountability within your organization.

Stay Organized

Promote organizational efficiency in your business with Agendas, Reminders and Meeting Templates. Make use of our workflow visualization features to improve project clarity, drive user engagement and stay on top of your projects.

Standardize the preparation of your recurring meetings with automated templates.

Stay organized
Single source of truth

Promote a Single Source of Truth

Leverage our unique integrations to pool information from Enterprise applications (Microsoft 365/Office/Teams/Sharepoint) and other project management tools (Jira/Productboard/Trello).

Establish complete transparency on a secure, centralized platform. Streamline all your notes, files, decisions and tasks with the help of thematic information display.

Provide Your Organization With an Edge

1: Avoid information loss and redundancy
2: Optimize your time efficiency
3: Stay in control of your projects

Ready to get in control of your meetings?